Henry Salkauskas

Behind is Always the Sun, 1964

Judith White

Pitt Street, 1983

Bettina McMahon

The Water Carriers, 1983

Frank McNamara

Monaro District, 1983

Ruth Faerber

Relic II, 1982

Jacki Fewtrell

Venetian Wilderness, 1982

Chris Johnson

Winter Landscape, 1981

Lloyd Rees

Breezy Day, Lane Cove, 1981

Geoff Wright

Paintbrush - Apologies to Jim Dine, 1980

David Hawkes

Florin Subsides, 1980

Graham Reece

The Elements, 1979

Janet Dawson

The Hawk and the Cloud, 1979

Richard Hook

Study No. 2, 1978