HALO: Contemporary Philippine Australian Writing

Halo is a Philippine phrase that literally means ‘mix, mix’. It is also the name of a famous dessert that combines a variety of strange elements to produce a new and surprisingly delicious dish.

HALO: Contemporary Philippine Australian Writing aims to commission and showcase a variety of contemporary writing that is inspired and influenced by both countries. It provides a ‘mix, mix’ of cultures, and provides readers with a taste of the Philippines and the impacts of the Filipino diaspora.

This will be an evolving web-site, running in parallel with the Sydney-based Bayanihan project, run in partnership with the Art Gallery of NSW, Blacktown Arts Centre, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Peacock Gallery Auburn, Museums and Galleries NSW and Mosman Art Gallery. We will begin publishing writing on this page from April 2017, adding new poetry, prose and critical writing on a regular basis.